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Hi! I'm Zim, and this is my website! I'm here so I can participate in the revival of the old web as best I can. Check out the navigation menu to see content - this page is just an introduction!

If you want your site's button to be on my "cool sites" sidebar, let me know! As long as I don't see anything objectionable, I'll probably add you. Also, let me know if you want your site removed from there, or moved to "friends' sites" if we get to know each other better.

Feel free to ask me questions about my code and/or reverse engineer it through inspect element. I don't care if you copy it. In fact, I have a page set up specifically to make it easier to copy. However, do not use my hand-drawn graphics without permission - if you ask permission, I might let you use them, though!

I'd like to add more pages to my website, but I'm running out of ideas... If you have requests or ideas for pages you'd like to see, let me know!



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STATUS: More pages coming soon!

2/24/2024: Added new entries to Filonyn's bestiary page.

7/29/2023: Added link to and blog post about a cool new forum I'm using, and added a blog post with a tutorial for making kandi bracelets!

3/22/2023: Sorry for the long hiatus, I've been really busy! Today, I updated gallery pages for Vreeza, Filonyn, and Myantha, fixed formatting errors on Vreeza's page, and updated Filonyn's Bestiary page. I also added a blog post. Remember, you can leave comments now, and they're anonymous unless you put your name in - I love hearing people's opinions on my characters and writing!

10/2/2022: Added comment boxes to all blog posts and character pages as well as to pages with my writing, and suggestion box to homepage.

9/30/2022: Added accessible clone of website for photosensitive users. It will take me a little while to get it fully set up, but the homepage and about are live.

9/30/2022: Character playlists in Webamp added to Vreeza, Mergiol, Filonyn, and Myantha's pages! The other 3 have longer playlists elsewhere, but Myantha's playlist is only on my website so far since it's a WIP. Also, Vreeza and Filonyn's playlists have bonus songs not on their main playlists since they're not on Spotify.

9/30/2022: Got Neocities Supporter! I have also replaced SCM Player with Webamp on my main page, and am looking at adding character playlists to character pages using it, too.

9/29/2022: Added new blog post explaining all of Filonyn's outfits so far.

9/27/2022: Fixed font on Filonyn's bestiary page.

9/21/2022: New button design! Also, added Star Trek blog posts.

9/17/2022: Formatting improvements made across website. Added more blog posts. Streamlined navigation on some pages to make updating site easier.

9/15/2022: Added some new free to use graphics to the Graphics page - some requests and a couple that I made for my own site.

9/9/2022: Added Graphics page under Resources! So far, I have two cute pixel arts based on my friends' cats available.

9/7/2022: Blinkie marquees replaced with static blinkies that don't give me a migraine.

9/6/2022: Streamlined some sidebars for ease of editing site, made separate "cool sites" area under "friends' sites" so I can add a wider variety of sites without worrying about bothering people.

9/5/2022: Added SCM Music Player as well as a dedicated mobile version of the home page, which has less stuff on it so it doesn't crash phones.

9/5/2022: Added Homare-chan virtual pet! This is Vreeza's pet frog, see Characters for its page! Also added webneko: click it and it will follow your mouse.

9/4/2022: Added more things to Resources! Most notably, I've added a basic, customizable version of my code that can be copied to make your own webpage. Credit is not necessary, but it is appreciated.

9/2/2022: Added Forum link, added another blog post, and added a few more resources.

9/1/2022: Added Blog page, first blog post, and character pages for Filonyn, Myantha, Homare-chan, Verity, and Mergiol.

8/31/2022: Added more info on home page, added Resources page, added Library page for Vreeza, added chatbox, customized Not Found message page

8/30/2022: Two updates on the same day? Yeah! I spent all day working on this, and now I have up my first page in the characters section, for my character Vreeza. Go to "Characters" in the navigation menu to access the link!

8/30/2022: Today, I've started constructing the website! There's still a lot left to do.



Put any suggestions you have for the website here. These are 100% anonymous and won't be posted publicly.