Rainbow Pinwheel Pointer Zim's Website
Picture of my fursona


Hi, I'm the webmaster of this site! You can call me Zim, my pronouns are it/its. The colorful cat on a lot of these pages is my fursona, and also the sprite I use on the rare occasions when I appear in friends' Twitch streams. On this page, you get to see its full ref! Pretty cool, right? You can click the buttons above to go to each of their corresponding websites if you want to find me elsewhere! Tumblr is probably your best bet for contacting me - even when I'm not actively posting there, I check it often.

My interests include plants, coding, tabletop games, and several different fandoms! I also like academics, so if you have questions about homework or projects, feel free to contact me and I'll see if I know how to help.