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These are some helpful resources I have found! Feel free to alert me to others to add here.

Art Anarchy Forum: Art and general discussion forum.

My Code: I made this page so you can copy a basic version of my code and customize it for your site. Have fun!

X-cuff Kandi Tutorial: I made this tutorial for a kandi project. I may copy the tutorial onto my website and change this link eventually.

Blinkies.cafe: Here, you can make or get blinkies to display on your profile.

Cursors-4U: This is where I have gotten my custom cursors from. You have to add a closing style tag at the end of most of them, it's missing.

W3Schools: Site that explains how to do lots of things with html, css, and javascript.

Cbox: You can use this site to make a chatbox to add to your site.

Color Hex: This is the site I usually use for color hex codes.

ProBoards: Free forum-hosting website where you can make your own forum.

OpenDyslexic: Dyslexia friendly font! This is the font I use on most of my website. It can be downloaded for free, or you can make a donation when downloading it.

Gifypet: Lets you add a virtual pet to your website. Has premade options or you can make your own art for it!

Sadgrl: Lots of resources for making websites, tutorials, graphics, etc.

SCM Music Player: Free music player for your website - messes with code a little, but is simple and functions on free accounts.

Webamp: Free music player for your website - takes some work in javascript and only works well on supporter accounts, but is customizable and won't screw with your other code.

Winamp Skin Museum: Free skins you can download and use to customize Webamp.

Mobile Redirect Tutorial: Easy to follow tutorial for using javascript to redirect mobile users to a different page. Great if your main page doesn't work on mobile, so you can redirect to a different page that's a mobile version.

Discord Comment Box Tutorial: Sadgrl's tutorial for making comment boxes for your site using Discord webhooks.

Online Image Editor: I use this to make glitter edits, but it can also do some other fun stuff.

Glitter Text Generator: Makes glitter, but only for text.